Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear James Dyson- We Love You!!

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We are excited to announce that we are now the proud parents of a Dyson vacuum! Our former "old faithful" vacuum bit the dust (literally, ha!) about a week ago.

My sweetie was kind enough to offer to vacuum the house one night that week, so I went into our bedroom with the doggies. (For us, it is an act of Congress to vacuum with them in the house! Daisy barks & bites at it incessantly, all why you're trying to move it through the house, then that stirs up Cosmo.) I noticed he didn't run it very long, then he came in the room & said it "just didn't work anymore." So sad. We've had that thing for forever- he had it way before we got married. I guess it's not so bad, to not have to make a vacuum purchase until your fourth year of marriage, right? :)

We had actually looked at some new ones months ago, because we knew this day would come, and sooner rather than later. We only dreamt of buying & using a new one though, since we hated to just do away with ours. But, the day has come.

So, my sweet momma showed me an email she got from Big Lots a few days ago. There it was. The exact model we had in mind, and for a better price than what we had found even on eBay, since it was factory refurbished- and it still has a warranty!

My sweetie headed to Big Lots this week while I was at choir rehearsal (the night I showed him the ad actually- ha!). When I got home, he was so excited. He already had it assembled, and was ready to clean! I am not even going to go into any detail about the volume that was picked up by that thing. Our old vacuum had obviously been on its last leg for a while, because of all that it didn't pick up. I will definitely be using my time off over the long weekend to thoroughly vacuum the entire house- I mean picking up & moving furniture & all. We have four years of what an old vacuum didn't catch to make up for.

It's crazy to think we may actually argue over who will get to vacuum the house next. So, word of advice to you ladies, if you want your sweetie to clean the house, buy a new, tech-y appliance. It obviously works. Hehe.

I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!! We are so pumped for Alabama football, we can't stand it! I'm so ready for the games & for cooler weather! I am also excited because I'm scheduled to keep the nursery at church this Sunday, and I have the infants. So fun to keep them for a while, then hand them back to their parents! :)

We will spend our long weekend watching the game(s), cleaning house & getting ready for our anniversary trip!!

Walt Disney World- here we come!!

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