Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick Favor, Pretty Please!

I can't believe this little blog has almost reached 100 followers- and it's growing every day! In an effort to try to consolidate all you lovely people into one group, I am including a link in this post to the new Linky Followers tool here.

Google Friend Connect is also phasing itself out (which I have two of these GFC groups, because of having two email addresses linked up- you can see these in the left-hand pane of this blog), so Linky Followers will be taking the place of it on March 1st.

It would be awesome if you could simply move followers from GFC automatically (and not lose any!), but that's not the case. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would pass the word along!

To make it simple, you can just click the blue "Follow Me" link on the left-hand pane of this blog, right below the "I Was Featured" section. You can also click on the "Linky Follower's" link, under my current list of subscribers, to be directed to their site.

Once at the site, you will be prompted to log in/create account. This takes 2 seconds & is FREE. (I promise- and I am more skeptical of sites than anyone!) Once your account is created, you can add & manage all the wonderful sites you want to keep up with. You can also register your own site or blog.

I want to encourage everyone to join in- no one wants to lose current followers!

Thanks so much!


  1. Hi,
    I am happy to be your newest lf follower from the Linky followers blog hop. If you would like to follow back I can be found at

  2. I found your fun blog through the blog hop party. I am your newest follower! If you want to follow me back I am at


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