Thursday, February 23, 2012

2011- My Year In Photos

I use the My Year in Photos application from Facebook every year, but had forgotten about it this past year until a few days ago. It is an app that creates a collage of all the photos uploaded to your profile in a year. I love to have a lot of my favorites in one place, so I can look back on them. It's neat to see 
what all happened & what was documented in a year's time.

Zach & I went on two different trips last year- to Maui, Hawaii in January & to Walt Disney World in September for our 3rd anniversary. And we've already been on one awesome vacation to Aruba this year. We're so blessed to be able to travel just about anywhere right now, whenever we want to go. It's a great time for us to take advantage of packing up & getting away
whenever we get a chance, and we're loving it!

2011 was definitely the most difficult year of my life, but looking back at all these photos, I realize it was still a blessed one. :) 

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