Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Melting Pot & The Dollar Tree

Random post for today (as you can gather from the title)... I have just been having a really good week and wanted to share. :)

First of all, I got to try a new restaurant last night! My mom & I and two friends had a girls' night last night, and we decided to go to The Melting Pot. It was the first time any of us had been, and we LOVED it! I highly recommend it- it's perfect for a girls' night. 
I don't think it's really a place a guy would enjoy- 
I know Zach wouldn't- so I wouldn't drag him to it. 

We absolutely filled ourselves on a four-course dinner. The first course was a cheese fondue of our choice with dippers like bread, chips, apple slices & veggies. Then, we got to choose a salad, which was yummy! Next was the main course, where they brought out meats like steak, chicken, shrimp & Ahi tuna. We cooked them in the broth of our choice right at our table. 

Then, dessert. The best part of the meal- and I'm not much of a sweets person. We went for all of our birthdays, so this is one of the dessert plate of dippers we had... 

We enjoyed the night so much!

Then, today, I took my lunch and shopped a little around town. I haven't done this in a while. As of last week, I couldn't tell you the last time I had set foot in a thrift store. So far, I have been twice since last week, and didn't buy a thing. I'm proud of myself!

I got some paint pens that I had been needing for a project, grabbed a quick bite to eat, then hit the Dollar Tree. 
I am just in love with this store. 

The first thing I saw when I walked in was this wall full of storage options. I think they are advertising them as Easter baskets/carriers, but my mind went straight to organization...

Love the color options!!

Here's another section of the store with tons of little baskets. This is definitely the place to go for cheap organizing options.

Then, on a trip down another aisle, I found these little gems...

They had like 4 different types of workout DVDs in stock. They are all 3-minute workouts with a bonus workout (which probably means the entire DVD is about 5 minutes long), but for $1?? I couldn't pass it up. I'm sure Zach will have a good laugh watching me watch the DVD for all of 5 minutes, and trying to do the moves, but I just had to try them out.

Hope you all are also having a good week! I am going to enjoy my night off from choir rehearsal and have a home-cooked dinner. 
My sweetie is cooking shrimp fried rice! :)


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  2. You have now inspired me to frequent my local Dollar Tree. I am getting into Spring cleaning mode and I'm in need of a few containers. Also, I love your new bag and you do deserve it! :)

  3. I totally racked up on those baskets for organization a couple of weeks ago :) I am your newest Linky Follower and would love for you to follow me back :)

  4. I *love* dollar stores! I always feel like I'm on a shopping spree, but rarely end up spending more than $25.

    Very intrigued by The Melting Pot: I'll have to see if there are any in our area!

  5. That restaurant sounds like so much fun! And that dessert plate looks amazing.

    I'm a big fan of The Dollar Tree, too. I haven't been in forever, but I think you've inspired me to pay them a visit. I want some cute baskets!

  6. I'm a big fan of Dollar Tree for a few of the basics like big lighters for my candles ($5 at the grocery store? I think not), baggies, weird craft things, travel items and whatever random gems they have there that I don't need but will buy because they're $1. Some things are better left unpurchased, such as the ovulation kit they had by the register...cripes.

    Anyway, hopping from "Not a Mommy Blogger." Have a great weekend!

  7. I need to go to The Melting Pot asap! Found you from the Linky Followers blog hop! Hope you can follow me back at!


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