Monday, February 20, 2012

Chandelier Dreamin'

So, I made a quick trip to Lowe's over the weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, it was a great one! I went to the Children's Advocacy Center dinner theatre with my mom, grandmother & friends on Friday night. It was wonderful! Saturday was house cleaning/laundry day. On Sunday, I went to my best friend's baby shower, and came home to a vacuumed house. Then that night, Zach decided to organize & clean out the pantry. I was so excited! He's been in an organizing mood lately, so he's trying to capitalize on it. Once we have the pantry squared away, and exactly how we want it, we are planning on tackling the guest room. Yay! I will post on these projects ASAP.

Anyway, I have been getting my Aruba trip photos organized & have posted them to FB today. I plan to make a post of those soon. I haven't gotten any of Zach's pics yet (which will be much better than mine), so I will post on those soon.

To tide us all over, I am posting on some pics I took and wanted to document (hopefully for a future shopping trip) from my Lowe's stop yesterday. I guess I'm just dreaming for now, because there really isn't a good place for a chandelier in our house. The only place that one would actually fit is in a nursery one day... be it a boy or a girl, I hope it likes chandeliers! :)

This Tiffany-style chandelier caught my eye from the start.
Love it!

I LOVE this one! I think it's my favorite of the whole bunch!
It's just enough, but not too much.

Close-up of my favorite (top left)...
The price is not bad at all either!!

Cute little pink chandelier...

Fancy-schmancy one at a cheap price...

Love this one too!

Small one...

This pendant lighting (one in the middle) is pretty too.
Not as pretty as a chandelier though.

Enough daydreaming for now!

I probably looked like an idiot going through the aisles & snapping pictures with my phone. Oh well, the trip was worthwhile, because I did make a purchase. I am super excited (and a little nervous) about it...

I am hoping to tackle a piece of furniture with this! We shall see!

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