Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Goals

Ok, I have NEVER been into New Year's Resolutions Goals.
Until now. Zach said he hates the word "resolution." He says no one keeps those- which is true. Goals, however, have a different feel. So, I'm using the word "goals" for this post. :)

For some reason, I am really looking forward to this new year & a fresh start. Maybe it's just because I'm coming out of a suck-y (yep, I said it) year, and I'm looking for a little change. A little bright light at the end of a dreary tunnel. So, here goes. I'm going to (bravely) make a list of things I hope to accomplish/be better at this next year. And, if I'm really brave, I'll do a review of them at the end of 2012... we'll see...

1.) Be happy.

I know this sounds simple, but it really is something I want to strive to do. I need to stop getting stressed out about little things, and just be happy. I need to look all around at the countless blessings that God has lovingly decided to give me (for what reason, I still don't know), and just be happy. I still have a few things in my life that need to be changed to succeed at this. I am, however, well on my to happiness so far this year. We have a vacation planned for the end of this month, and I cannot wait!! Aruba, here we come!!

2.) Pray more.

Yet again, fairly simple. You can never pray too much, and I definitely don't do this enough.

3.) Exercise more, and have FUN with it.

I want to start running. I may be totally insane, but this sounds like fun to me. Plus, I would kill for a runner's figure. Also, I got into Zumba earlier this year & basically quit. It was so fun & I loved it, but I quit going. I need to start back. Another fun thing that I quit doing- playing Wii. Zach just recently started back at this & loves it. I need to join in!

4.) Focus even less on the things that don't matter. Focus even more on the things that do.

This will probably be my downfall. I have already cut back on Facebook a ton & I love it! I try to put down the iPhone more often, especially when I'm at home, and I hope we can cut our TV watching down too. I need to spend more quality time with my husband, family & doggies. :)

5.) Surround myself with positives- positive people, positive thoughts.

A lot of times, I find myself getting down. When I look around me, I realize it sometimes has a lot to do with the people who surround me and/or the things I am thinking about. This needs to change.

6.) Blog more.

I know the blog is not very meaningful, but I enjoy it. I hope to post more on projects around the house (which will, in turn, get me working on said projects & keep me busy- see #9), and link up more with others in the blog world.

7.) Try more new recipes.

This also goes hand-in-hand with # 3. I want me & my sweetie to be healthier. I want to try new recipes, healthy ones, and branch out a little more. I want to buy more veggies at the store & avoid those awful middle aisles. I saw on a show once, how the best routine in a grocery store is to gather fresh foods from the outside aisles, and avoid the middle aisles if at all possible. Think about it...fresh veggies & fruits, then the meats, then the dairy & bread section. Most of the middle aisles consist of junk. I have already started this new routine with a trip to Wal-Mart last night. I added lots of veggies to our cart & even decided I would try some veggie burgers. We'll see how I like those!

8.) More home improvements- anything to make our home better.

There are just a few little things that we could do to make our home even better. You don't have to break the bank on a home improvement project- little projects always add up. Speaking of, I'm going to brag on my sweetie... Last night, we stopped by Lowe's & he picked up two light switches (the correct ones we needed, first try). We then came home & he switched out the two switches, allowing both the light over our sink & our disposal to work perfectly. These two switches have been a thorn in my side for a while now. There was a short in the one switch that caused them to be quirky- most of the time, they wouldn't work at all. It is simply perfection now! I was so proud! And it only took him a few minutes! I also want to work to get the house more organized this year. Just a little here & there, room by room. I hope we can work on other simple steps like these throughout this new year, to make our home more enjoyable for us, and for the future owners to come!

9.) More projects in general.

I need to keep myself busy! I love it every time I get involved in a craft. I need to do more, and plan to this year. I am also hoping to get more into painting. I have my overhead projector ready to go for projects such as this!

10.) Spend less on nothing.

Nothing here meaning useless things- decor for the house (which I already have too much of), clothes (which I have WAY too much of), etc. I want us to be able to save more this year. Each year, we are both blessed by God to make more than the year before (Praise Him for that!!), so we need to take advantage of the ability to really save.

I hope to keep looking back at this post & reminding myself of these day after day. Here's to an awesome 2012... All I'm asking is that it's at least better than 2011!

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