Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My 27th Birthday Weekend! Roll Tide Roll!!!

Can I get a big "Roll Tide"?! What better birthday gift could I receive than a 14th National Championship win?!

Needless to say, last night's game was awesome, and Zach & I are still on cloud nine...and also a little sleepy. I have never been more proud to be an Alabama fan. The city of Tuscaloosa needed this more than anything, with all they have been through this year. I am so glad our team is bringing the trophy back to UA where it belongs!

With today being one year since my dad passed away, the win is still a little bittersweet. I know he was watching though.

As for this weekend, I was bound & determined to make this a great birthday!! I skipped our church's women's retreat (which is always that weekend), and spent the whole weekend with family instead, doing what we wanted to do. Isn't that how a birthday, or birthday weekend in my case, should be spent?

On Friday night, Mom cooked dinner for all of us at her house. By all of us, I mean her, me & Zach, Jonathan & his new girlfriend Chelsea, and my Pop & Mamaw Helen. Pop's birthday is the 7th, so we always celebrate ours together. He is now 81, and still has more energy than I do- unbelievable! Dinner was wonderful, and we had a Nancy cake & coffee for dessert (Nancy is our favorite cake baker- she made our wedding cakes & all of our b-day cakes growing up). It was such a great time spent with family,
telling stories & laughing!

Our cake...

The three birthday kids...


Then, Saturday was my day. Me, Zach & Mom went to Birmingham to eat at... (if you know me at all, you know exactly where we ate)... STIX! I filled up on sushi, fried rice & scallops. YUM! It is my absolute favorite place to go! We got in a little shopping while there, and really had an awesome day. My sweetie decided this year that he would give me a set limit & let me shop as his present. This is the perfect present for me, by the way! I got some new black heels (which were actually much-needed). Then, I spoiled myself & got a Coach camera case. (I think I was just jealous that Mom had gotten a purse, so I had to get something there.) :)

On Sunday, we took the day off. We rested, and it felt great. I straightened up the house some & did laundry, throughout the day at my leisure. We watched a lot of TV & a movie.
The relaxation was great.

Monday was my actual b-day, so I worked that day. I did, however, wear my Bama attire. My sister- & brother-in-law got me a cute houndstooth scarf with my initials monogrammed on it for Christmas, so I wore that proudly!

My mom switched her lunch so she could go with me.
Her, Jonathan & Zach all took me to lunch, and that was such a nice treat. After work, I headed home, and Zach & I took off to his dad's to watch the game.
The rest is history. :)

As I said before, one year ago today was the worst day of my life when I lost my dad. But, life is still good, and we are still here. I hope to make the most of it.
Thank you all for lifting me up over the last year.

And Roll Tide, Dad!!

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