Monday, January 16, 2012

ABCs of Me

Just a quick update before my little post. We had a really good weekend! We headed to Cnooga to Zach's mom's for my birthday lunch. It was really nice, and we had fun visiting with the fam. Then, me & my sweetie shopped a little, then went to the movies to see Beauty & the Beast. I had forgotten how good that movie is! It was even better in 3D. And I cried like a little girl, even knowing exactly how the story went. :) Then, on Sunday, we had church that morning then a yummy lunch at Tiger's Inn. We rested most of the afternoon- all I accomplished was the laundry. Restful Sunday afternoons will soon be no more though, because kids' choir rehearsal starts back next week.
So, I enjoyed this one to the fullest.

A few other things that have been going on... Something weird has come over me. Lately, I have been wanting to start running. I don't know if it's just part of my goals for the new year (which I do want to be healthier & exercise more), but "I just felt like running"... Please tell me you read that in a Forrest Gump voice. (If not, it may just be me, Zach & my little brother who have movie lines memorized & quote them in every day conversation).

I got some new tennis shoes for Christmas, so that may also be part of it too. Anyway, I woke up rather early on Saturday morning, and just had the drive to get up & get out. I bundled up (it was a little chilly), and ran around our neighborhood. I did take a few breaks & walk in between. It felt great!! I had more energy all throughout the day. Then, on Sunday afternoon, Zach & I walked around our neighborhood with the doggies.
I'm hoping we'll keep up this routine.

Another new thing that happened this week- I got shellacked. My mom got me a gift certificate to get my nails done for my b-day. Needless to say, it didn't stay with me too long, because I got them done at the beginning of last week. I picked out a pretty red color, and had the shellac painted on. I love that it's my actual nails, and the shellac keeps them so strong! I am afraid this is going to be a new vice of mine, because I can't get over how great they turned out. My nails have been put through the ringer over the last week too, and the color will NOT wear off and has not shown any marks or dents. They are still just as shiny as they were when they were done. I highly recommend this- just as a treat to yourself, and it's cheaper than getting a full set of nails.

So, on to my post. I know this is one of those time-wasting filler posts, but I love doing these things if I have spare time. I hope to get my butt into gear this week & start/finish not one, but two, projects. We'll see how that goes...

ABC's of ME

A. Age – Just turned 27

B. Bed size – King-sized Tempurpedic, and there's nothing better!

C. Chore that you hate – Hand-washing dishes! Ugh!

D. Dogs – My Daisy girl (Jack Russell Terrier) & my Cosmo (Border Collie)

E. Essential start to your day – Stretching right before I get out of bed, brushing teeth

F. Favorite color – Royal blue, but I also love the color combo of black & white (can't get enough of it, actually)

G. Gold or silver – Silver or white gold

H. Height –5’1

I. Instruments you play – Piano

J. Job title – Associate Agent, Nationwide Insurance

K. Kids – None yet, just our doggies. Oh, and look- I just happen to have some recent pics of them, like any good mommy should... :)

L. Live – Alabama- Roll Tide!!!

M. Mother’s name – Jeanie

N. Nicknames – Ash

O. Overnight hospital stays – Thankfully, none at all. Hopefully my only one(s) will be when a little one enters our world.

P. Pet peeves – Oh goodness! Do you have all day? I can't stand selfishness, people that brag about everything and/or are a "Me Monster", i.e. always talking about themselves. Don't care to be around people like that.

Q. Quote from a movie –"You're a beautiful woman, you deserve a beautiful life. That's all there is to it." -Jacob, Water for Elephants. LOVE this movie!!

R. Right or left-handed – Right-handed

S. Siblings – Little brother, Jonathan (who's not so little anymore at almost 23)

T. Time it takes you to get ready – Oh me, about an hour if I'm doing my hair; about 45 minutes if not. Sad, I know.

U. Unbelieveable Thing About You-  I have never had a broken bone. (Knock on wood.)

V. Vegetable you hate – Brussel sprouts & hominy is about it. Other than that, I love my veggies!

W. What makes you run late – Oversleeping, choosing my outfits or a bad hair day

X. X-rays you’ve had – Only on my chest when I had pneumonia. Yuck!

Y. Yummy food you make – I'm the green bean queen of my family! Ha! I also love hashbrown casserole- it's yummy & easy- and my ranch potatoes. My husband's specialty though- fried rice!!

Z. Zoo animal – Monkeys are so fun to watch!

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