Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the Award for Best Present Goes To...

...my sweet husband!! :)

Followed by Mom as a close second with my Keurig and Zach's Wii. I was so glad that we actually surprised him this year!

Zach got me an iPhone this year! I have to be honest, I didn't really think I would use it that much. He had mentioned getting me one earlier in the year, but I shot down the idea, thinking A.) that it would be too expensive and B.) that I wouldn't use it near enough to justify the cost. Well, I was wrong. I have been on that thing almost every free minute I have had since I got it! Sad, I know, but it's so much fun!! I haven't even really hooked it up to my iTunes and gone hog-wild yet (which I now can, thanks to my awesome brother Jonathan for the iTunes gift card!)

It is very distracting, especially when it beeps to let me know I have an email or text message. I can always change the settings on that, if I get tired of it. Something tells me I won't for a while though. :) I just wanted to post a few pics that I took with it over the Christmas weekend. I will definitely be posting some others of our white, yes, WHITE, Christmas!! Zach took many with his camera, so their quality will be much better than these. I am impressed with the picture quality of the phone, and the HD video it takes! I have already thoroughly enjoyed the video recorder. Next time you see me, just ask to see the clips I have of Zach playing his new Wii. Very entertaining!! :)

First pic of me & my sweetie with my phone!
This is Daisy & Cosmo asleep on Christmas Eve while Zach was up late playing Wii. I told him they were ready for Santa to come!
My Daisy girl
Daisy in the snow

Cosmo in the snow

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