Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blessed...All Year 'Round (cont.)

This is our little family picture from this year on Thanksgiving Day:

I love this tradition we have of taking pictures at Zach's mom's house. We need to start this at every family gathering we have. I'll post the family pics soon! I only had this one on my computer here at home, because I was going to use it for our Christmas card order (that I'm placing soon...it is now 9:30 PM, so we'll see), but I changed my mind. I wanted one with the two dogs included, so Zach is working on that photo as I type. :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, as always, again this year. My days could have been much more enjoyable if I didn't have the cold/sinus problems I have had. I didn't let it get me down on Thursday, but it almost got the best of me on Friday.

We got up on Thursday morning, got ready, and I cooked my green beans for Zach's mom's house. We headed to Chattanooga and enjoyed lunch with them- Zach's mom, Marissa, Ashley, Ella & Bailey. We had a great time visiting. We then headed back home and I began cooking a second round, with more green beans, creamed corn and hashbrown casserole. My family (the whole bunch- Mom, Dad, Jonathan & his girlfriend Amelia, Mamaw Helen, Papaw Hoyt & Mamaw Ruth) came to our house for an early dinner. Yet again, we had too much to eat, but had a great time. We hated to miss Aunt Gail's this year, but we just couldn't make it timewise and because we weren't feeling 100%. I know it wasn't the same there either, without Grandma & without some of the guys. I hope we can make up for it for Christmas!

I woke up at 3:15 on Friday morning. My cold is always worse in the mornings, so it wasn't as easy getting up. I did leave the house early at about 3:55, so I thought I was ok. We did a lot of shopping, but it seemed to me that the deals weren't as great as they were last year. I was glad I went though- I know I would have regretted all year not going. It's only one day out of the year- I can handle it! Later into the morning, I started feeling worse. I think it was the culmination of me being so tired along with the stuffiness in my head. Then came the headache.

When I got home, I crashed. My sweet husband had called me while I was shopping to let me know that he had gotten our tree and wreath, with a little extra added to it for me. Part of me wished I was home so I could have gone with him to enjoy it all, but I would have felt sick either way. I did look at the wreath and tree on my way in when I got home, but went straight to our bedroom & changed into comfy, WARM clothes, and hit the couch.

We had planned on heading straight to Zach's dad's house to watch the Iron Bowl, but I couldn't make it. I wanted Zach to go on. There was no sense in both of us not being able to enjoy the game, and I didn't want him or his dad to watch the game alone. I slept through most of the game. Though now, I'm not so bummed about that. My highlight was when I first woke up from a nap, and saw that the score was 14-0 Bama. That was a wonderful surprise! I went back to sleep and missed a good part of the rest of the first half. I wish I would have slept through most of the second half instead. Oh well!

I will say this...I think it says so much for the state of Alabama as a whole that we could possibly have 2 different teams win the National Championship and have 2 Heisman Trophy winners in 2 consecutive years. That is amazing!

Anyways, after sleeping a good bit on Friday, I finally got a little more done on Saturday.

**Also, let me add- Zach was so cute while I was sick. He kept telling me,"Don't worry about the dishes, babe, I'll take care of them." "I'll clean up the kitchen." He was a sweetie. He did 2 loads of dishes, straightened up the kitchen, and cooked breakfast on Saturday morning. Bless his heart!**

Our beautiful tree was already up and Zach had already put the lights on and ornaments up on Saturday morning. I got up and put out a few of our other decorations, but rested most of the day. Our wreath, as I mentioned earlier, is beautiful this year!! He had the lady at Petal Pushers add holly leaves & berries and pinecones to the wreath, because he knows I don't like a plain wreath. The smell and look of the wreath and the tree are so worth all the work put into getting them to the house and putting them up. I remind myself of this every year!

Sunday was my decorating day. It felt nice to actually get something done. I just hated I couldn't get it all done on Friday like we usually do, but we made it. We stayed home from church (which I hated to do, since it is the First Sunday of Advent & we sang our first Christmas song in the choir), but I got a lot more rest and feel SO much better because of it. I will make a post with some pics of our decorations soon. I absolutely LOVE decorating our house for Christmas. I realize every year that I have bought WAY too much along the way, but I can't make myself get rid of anything. Maybe one day soon when we have our mansion, I will have more room for it all. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even being sick, I am blessed beyond measure, and have nothing to complain about! God is good!!

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