Monday, December 6, 2010


One of my old friends posted some old pictures on Facebook the other day, so I just thought I would share. They are not very flattering, to say the least, but I love how they show the styles back in the day, and they capture our personalities. When I first saw these, I instantly remembered that day.We went to the Tennessee Aquarium that afternoon, and wanted to stop by Desoto State Park (for some reason) on our way back to Fort Payne. We definitely had a diverse group. I don't even really remember one of the girls in the picture, and the guy is Leslie's older brother, Martin. Random group, but we had fun that day. I am so glad that she scanned and posted these little gems. Enjoy (the ugliness)!

Stylin' in my vest. :) 
I cropped this one of myself so you could get a closer look (which very well could be a bad thing). All I can say about this one is: Thank the Lord for highlights, make-up & eyebrow plucking...oh, and growing out bangs! Hehe!


I hope you atleast got a good laugh out of these. I hope to post some Thanksgiving pics soon! Zach pulled them up on the computer last night so I could see them, and they're really good!! Can't wait to post them! I'm also planning on him taking some pictures of our Christmas decorations this year, so maybe I can make a post about them soon.

I hope everyone's having a good beginning to the week. I know times are busy right now. They definitely are for us! It seems like every week, there is a rehearsal, a party, something to go to, or somewhere to be. I am actually skipping a party tonight for our Christian Women group. I don't really have an excuse-- I guess it's just laziness. I am going to stop by the store after work, then come home & fix some homemade lasagna for my sweetie instead. :)

Speaking of somwhere to be, say a little prayer for us next Sunday night at about 4:30! We are having our Children's Choirs Christmas Program that night. At rehearsal last night, it seemed like things went really well. ALL the kids knew their lines, and they pretty much have all the words to the songs memorized. It really is a cute little musical, and I can't wait to see it all come together- because it ALWAYS, ALWAYS does!

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