Friday, August 14, 2009


We've been really busy lately it seems, so I haven't thought much about posting. Just a few things we've been up to lately...

Zach took me last Saturday on my very first trip to the wonderful Trade Day. It was definitely an experience. We then added even more fun to the day by venturing to Mentone and enjoying part of the "World's Longest" yard sale. Zach actually found a few neat things and I bought some hand-made ceramic coasters with a "J" on them from a lady who owns a store. She makes every one of them by hand and they are so pretty (not to mention, they match our living room perfectly!) She also had some cute purses and tote bags, but I resisted the temptation! :)

Last night, our Bunco group met at my house. We each pick a month to host, and this was my month. I took the day off to have the house cleaned and everything ready. My sweet husband took the day off too and worked outside ALL day in the hot sun. He mowed and trimmed the yard and even used the pressure washer on the sidewalk and front steps. For my first time to host a big party of people, everything went really well. Some of the ladies even walked out on the back deck to check things out, and Cosmo was a sweetie pie to them! For those of you that have been over, you know this is a rare thing for him. Anyways, the party was a lot of fun and the food was great (if I do say so myself)--the only bad part was the clean-up!

Sanctuary choir rehearsal started back this week and I'm so excited about the coming year in choir! It's a great feeling to be so involved with the choir and feel at home in our church of over a year now. Children's choir starts back soon and I am excited about helping to teach them music and learning new things with them! I am honored to have been asked to help with it in the first place! I'm sure we will learn more from the kids than they will learn from us!

Zach and I (well, mostly Zach, since that's his thing) have been planning our First Anniversary weekend. I cannot believe it's a little less than a month away now!! We've tossed around a lot of ideas, but we're probably just going to enjoy a shorter weekend trip this year. We went on our Disney trip in March and are planning on taking a few days off to work on the house some more and do Christmas shopping, so I don't have a lot of vacation time left. We thought a weekend getaway would be something different anyways. We plan to go to Atlanta on Sunday, Sept. 13th, our actual anniversary, and enjoy a trip to the Georgia Aquarium and a very nice dinner at the 5-star Atlanta Grill. We are staying at the Ritz-Carlton, which I am really pumped about! On Monday, we're planning on just shopping and relaxing. I am so excited about our trip and can't wait to celebrate our great first year of marriage!


  1. I have been to that Ritz-Carlton, and you will love it...a very special way to spend your anniversary.
    I like the photos of the two of you and the dogs!

  2. We're super excited about it! Zach made our reservation at the Atlanta Grill the other day & got what they call the private "cheater's booth." We're just ready to get away for the weekend!


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