Monday, August 24, 2009

Crazy Daisy

I was deleting some photos from my computer and found this. Zach sent me this photo from his phone a few days ago and I had posted it on Facebook, but had forgotten to post it here. He was working at his desk in our home office and Daisy was in her usual spot, on the sofa that faces his desk. This is the ONLY piece of furniture we allow her to be on. It's nice not to have white fur everywhere else! She likes to lay over the top, but had fallen asleep and slowly slid down from the top. He said she slept in that position for a long time. We get a kick out of the little quirky things she does.

**Apologies for all the many pictures and posts of our babies. I was looking at older posts earlier and realized how many there are! Spoiler Alert (as Zach & Michael Scott from "The Office" say): Until we have a baby (and that will be a while from now, Mom), you can expect many more. They're our entertainment for the time being! :)

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