Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Raided the Woodworking Shop!

Yes, I did. I raided my granddad's woodworking shop that's located right behind my mom's house. I was over there for dinner last week, and thought I would rummage through the shop just for old time's sake. He still likes to "piddle" every now & then in there, but most of the things that are there he created years ago. I love to look through all of it, and I hadn't done that in years
until that night.

He doesn't mind at all me grabbing things up. If I didn't, they would still be sitting there years from now.

I only got three things...this trip anyway. So, I wanted to share...

This bench goes with a desk that is still sitting in the shop. My great granddad actually built the desk and bench for my granddad when he was little. Maybe one day I'll have room for the desk.

I think I remember this folding chair when I was a little girl...

This little duck puzzle is the cutest thing ever! It even has a hook to hang it with attached on the top. I plan to paint it and keep it for our future little one.

Isn't he so talented??

I can't wait to start painting all of these!!

P.S. My sweetie would like to thank everyone for the sweet comments on the Yard Facelift Part 1 post. He's still working on Part 2, but it is shaping up nicely!

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  1. Yes, he is talented. How lucky you are that you can "shop" in his shop:)
    Also wishing to let you know I am participating in a Linky Followers Blog Hop and would love for you to enter.


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