Monday, June 1, 2009

Great Weekend!

We just had a really busy, but great weekend! Friday right after work, we met at home and began loading up our vehicles with things for our yard sale on Saturday. After little sleep, we got up at 4:00 on Saturday morning and spent the day selling! We were really pleased with the turn out and made some much-needed extra cash. We also freed up a lot of space around the house...for new stuff! :)

After the yard sale, we headed to the big town of Sand Rock to get our wedding album- FINALLY!! I've already looked through it several times and still can't get enough! I'm so happy that we now have it at home (well, we will after it makes its rounds to everyone!) I've also ordered some to hang up in the house and I can't wait for those to get here!!

On Sunday, we went to church that morning and then headed to Chattanooga. We enjoyed pizza for lunch at Fat Daddy's- one of Zach's discoveries- and then popcorn at the movies, of course! We saw "Up," and it was FANTASTIC! We laughed and cried a little...well, I did I know! It was nice to have a day of relaxation after the long day we had on Saturday.

Now that the weekend is over and we have some extra space in the house, I'm going to take every night this week and organize the house...jealous? :) Our new Tempur-Pedic mattress should be delivered by this Friday, which is another big thing we can cross off of our list! It's so exciting to get these things done!!

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