Monday, March 26, 2012

Zach's 28th Birthday Week!

Yep, birthday week. My sweetie's 28th birthday was this past Tuesday, but I think we've been celebrating for an entire week- from last Saturday to this past Saturday.

Last Saturday, Zach's dad took us out to eat at Zach's choice- Outback. (I was happy with that.) We had a great meal & enjoyed spending time with his dad & Grandma.

On Monday night, my family cooked dinner for Zach's birthday. It was his request- fried chicken fingers and mac & cheese were a must. We enjoyed spending time laughing with my family.

On Tuesday, his actual b-day, I told him I would take him wherever he wanted to go for lunch and/or dinner. He picked Chow King (ha!), the new buffet in our little town. We were are still excited about it. It was yummy, and bonus, they have sushi. I was brave & tried a good bit of it, and it was (surprisingly) fresh. So excited that I don't have to go very far when I get a sushi craving.

Zach's only request for the day was to play golf. So, that afternoon after I got home from work, we changed clothes & hit the course. It was so much fun! I rode around in the golf cart while he played only 9 holes. We are definitely going to make this a routine, especially now that the weather is perfect for it.
I took a cute pic of us in the cart...

And I snapped a few shots of him playing...

So cute! :)

Since we were still stuffed from lunch, we decided to do something "small" for dinner, so went to WingStop.

On Saturday, we went to see his family. We shopped that morning, then had a yummy dinner at his mom's with her & Zach's sister's fam. They have two little girls, so it's always a fun time. It's always great spending time with family.
There's not much better than that.

I hope he had a wonderful week, because he deserves it & so much more. I am so thankful to be able to spend another birthday
with my sweetie!

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