Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!!

I am thrilled to post that I have been awarded the...


Thanks so much to the four sisters at Bringing Beauty (that awesome post of theirs is here) for choosing my little blog as one of their 5 recipients for this award!

My winners for this award that I am so happy to pass on
are as follows...

Micki @ ADD Housewife-  http://www.addhousewife.com/ -
She has an awesome site filled with great ideas. (She even recently posted where she tried one of my own recipes- Chicken Artichoke Heart Fettucine Alfredo.) Check it out!

Debi @ Projects on the Farm- http://projectsonthefarm.blogspot.com/ - She loves painting, furniture redos, etc. Don't we all? She also is a great encourager with her comments! :) You'll love her writing!

Evelyn @ My Turn (For Us)- http://myturn-evelyn.blogspot.com/ - Her & her hubby's goal is to travel the world in an RV. Sounds great to me!! You'll love her blog!

Ash the Bash @ Made in Morningside- http://madeinmorningside.blogspot.com/ - Ash (love the name, ha!) shares an updated to-do list of improvements on her & her boyfriend's flat- you go girl!) The Before & After photos are awesome under the "Take A Look Around" tab. Check it out!

Karen @ Bargain-ista- http://bargain-ista.com/ - She's one of my newest followers, and you'll love her bargain-hunting blog.
She went an entire year without buying new clothes. Wow!

Congratulations to all 5 of you lovelies! Now it's your turn to pass the award on!

Here are the rules for passing it along:

-Choose 5 up and coming blogs to award with less than
-Show your appreciation to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to them.
-Post the award on your blog.
-Link back to the blogs you are awarding so that everyone else can pay them a visit.

Thanks again, Bringing Beauty ladies for choosing my little blog, and congrats to my awesome winners!

Also, Happy 28th Birthday to my sweetie today!! What an awesome day it's been already! :)


  1. Thanks for picking me and the kind things you said. I'll get thinking about who to pass it on to. xox

  2. Thank you for picking me! I am honored and thrilled. It is so exciting and such a fun way to share the love with other bloggers! :)

  3. Thanks! I passed it on. I wasn't sure about the 200 followers thing. So i fudged and picked linky followers :P http://www.addhousewife.com/2012/03/ohhh-bloggy-award.html

  4. Thank you so ever much for picking me! I can't wait to pick others to pass this on:)

  5. Ashley my dear,
    I am sooo honored to be awarded this wonderful award!! I am checking out other blogs to pass it on to, and thrilled to do so my dear! I love your blog, you always put a smile on my face! (I know I read someones blog who said they hated when someone left a comment with lots of ! marks lol) I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day my dear Ashley, I know mine has been :D
    Thanks again sweetie.

  6. Hey Ashley dear, silly question for you, I am trying to do my post for the Liebster Blog Award, and I am still slow on how to's where blogging is concerned, anyway... my silly question...
    How do I post the award symbol on my blog? Sorry to be a pain, but still learning dear. Thank you sooo much for all your help dear. If you answered that in an email, I am sorry, but can't get into my email right now. Thank you my dear Ashley, hope your having a wonderfully blessed day my dear. :D


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