Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Egg Wreath

Um, I guess I'm a little behind in creating an Easter wreath, but I haven't really gotten around to it until now. I actually finished this up last night (no more excuses), but I'm enjoying it now!

This is just a simple, shabby Easter egg wreath. I'll break down the materials I used...(this was so cheap!)...

- one wreath form ($1 at the lovely Dollar Tree)
- Spanish moss (one bag is $1, also from Dollar Tree)
- plastic Easter eggs (just under $2  for a dozen at Wal-Mart)
- hot glue

I was going to just buy a bag of Easter eggs at the DT, but I found these at Wal-Mart first. These eggs were so cute, I just couldn't pass them up! And bonus, they were already painted!

I started by putting small spots of hot glue on the wreath, and attaching small picks of Spanish moss. This gave the wreath
a little covering.

I then grabbed up the eggs & put a big dab of glue on the backs...

...then attached them to the moss-covered wreath.

Simple, simple, and the cost was under 5 bucks. :)

 Love it!

I hope you are all enjoying your week. We're still using all of our daylight at the end of the day to work in our yard. I picked these yesterday from one of the trees in our back yard...

Our front yard is transforming into a beautiful place right now, thanks to my sweet, hard-working hubby! I am so happy to be marking things off of our to-do list, and making our house our home. We are so blessed to have the home that we do.
We just love it!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am excited to be going to my best friend Sheena's bridal shower!!
Love catching up with friends!


  1. Your wreath is so cute.

    I wanted to ask everyone to do a link on facebook about the Linky Follower Party so we can get more people learning about the party. It just means more followers for all of us.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  2. Such a cute wreath! I want to make one this weekend. Stopping by from the "Linky Follower Party" hop! You can find me at!

  3. I am visiting via the blog hop and am now following your cute blog:>
    Would love for you to come by and visit:>

  4. cute wreath! new google follower from the blog hop, would love a follow back

  5. I love the simple ideas. Turned out quite cute. I am over form the NO Mommy blog hop. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

  6. Cute and festive! The flowers are beautiful :) Stopping by from the Not Mommy Hop this weekend.

  7. Very pretty!! And I love the glass part of your door too. Hope you had a nice weekend!

  8. This wreath is SO CUTE! I may have to try to make one of these (probably next year) because the ones in the store are so expensive. But this looks JUST like them. Thanks for sharing!!

    Stopping by from Not a Mommy Hop.

  9. Your wreath is darling! Love it!

  10. This is lovely, We don't tend to put decorations up for anything other than Christmas in the UK, but there are so many great Easter ideas online right now i might have to buck the trend :-)

  11. Love that the eggs were already painted! Thanks for joining us! :)


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