Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Modern Family

‎"Perfect wife/husband, perfect kids. Guess what?
I didn't get any of that. Wound up with this sorry bunch and I'm thankful for that everyday."
- Jay, Modern Family

I stinkin' love this show. It is my favorite right now. Just wanted to post that quote, because I love it so much. It's exactly the truth. No family is perfect, because NO ONE is perfect.
That's what makes life so interesting. 

I love this picture too. It makes me want to get my little family together and do the same thing. The story behind it in the episode is that one of the moms had the idea of a family potrait in her head, planned so perfectly. She wanted everyone to wear white and have a certain pose. When they all finally got together for the family photo, they were all arguing with each other. No one was in the mood to have photos taken. They had all had a bad day, which happens to all of us. After trying to get the perfect picture and finally getting fed up, one of them picked up a clump of mud and hit someone with it. You can see where it went from there.

This picture reminds me of some of our own photos. I have noticed lately that some of my favorite pics throughout the years are ones that we weren't even posing for. Ones we didn't expect and didn't take forever to set up, candids, and others that were just snapped by accident.

Want examples? I knew you would :)...

Me & Daisy girl, both not even looking at the camera, but I love it!

Haha! This one makes me laugh every time. Zach got so frustrated from taking Christmas card pics with two uncooperative dogs, he got up and walked off for a minute. Cosmo's looking back at him like "What?" The camera was still snapping away.

Zach took this one of me in Maui 2010. I didn't even know it until he loaded the photos on the computer.

I took this one of him on our photo shoot for the photography class we took in 2010. Can't believe that was over a year ago now!

And, of course, I can't leave out some of my favorites from the happiest day of my life! :)

You guys already know this is my favorite. Always will be. :)

Love this one!

Look at his sweet little smiling face! :)

And now, for the sappy, huggy, teary pictures
that I love so much...

Aww, Jon's face looks so sweet! I love that everyone around us is so busy- Sheena & Jen were working hard to take off my veil and not mess up my hair. My bridesmaids were the best ever! :) 

Hugging my new mother-in-law, and crying, of course.

I absolutely love this one! He loves his momma. :)

My best friend & my grandparents. This one makes me smile too. I know I'll cherish this even more one day.
They look so happy at our wedding rehearsal.

Can't wait for many, many more of those unprompted moments
in life!

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  1. ha, before i read the caption in the pic with Jon I was thinking, "hmm, that looks like my hair all curled up like Shirley Temple." :)


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