Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Design Star, So Far

Haven't posted in a while, so I'll do a quick catch-up. We're both doing great, staying busy with work & church & keeping the house clean. We saw James Gregory here in town this past Friday night, and laughed more than we have in a really long time. Zach has been really busy around the house lately. He has organized his office, and this past Saturday, he recruited me to help clean out the garage. It looks great! Choir rehearsal started back this past Wednesday for me, so I'm loving that!

I just got into this show at the premiere of the second season some weeks ago. Just wanted to share some of my favorite design techniques from the episodes so far. I am in no way authorized to give any sort of opinion on any show, so I'm just sharing with you guys some favorite designs & photos from the show so far.

Episode 1: On the very first episode, I fell in love with this when I first saw it come together during the project of designing their own penthouse. Wow! So many great ideas flowing- this is such a fun show to watch, and I'm glad I tried it out!

Here is my favorite element out of the entire collection of rooms:

Check out the wallpapered board with the bold, black mirror. LOVE! You could even do this on a smaller scale (something I would like to try sometime). All you would need is a piece of cardboard and fabric. You could attach it to the cardboard backing with anything, even hot glue. Cute idea!

Episode 2: White box challenge! I wouldn't know where in the world to start if I had a plain white boxy room to go wild with. But, if I had an endless supply of gift cards and transportation to any store I wanted (well, stores that had paid a butt-load of money to HGTV for advertisement, that is), I would definitely give it a try. The catch in this task was that they could only use items from a restaurant supply store. Wow!
Talk about getting creative.

I actually liked this idea of attaching crumpled paper to one wall for added texture and effect. Strange, but inventive.
You can also see the two rugs he made out of mops in this pic.

Episode 3: Love everything about this room!

Episode 4: My favorite of Episode 4 was this chair picked out
by Kellie. It set off the room.

Episode 5: I admit, I have a little crush on Mark. And I'm all for Kellie too- she's a genuine, petite, country girl who really seems to have an eye for design. I'm pulling for both of them, so I loved this episode when they worked together on designing
a farmhouse kitchen.

Kellie had the idea of cutting out holes in cabbages, transforming them into candleholders. Loved this idea! And so did the judges- she was picked as the favorite designer of that week! :)

Episode 6 was last night's episode. The designers had the task of creating a wedding reception. My favorite scene:

LOVE the mirrors!! Mark was the favorite, and Kathy
(Miss Bossy Pants) was kicked off. I was happy!

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