Monday, July 19, 2010

Flowers From My Sweetie

Just wanted to post a quick picture of the flowers that Zach brought home to me this past Friday night. They were part of the table decorations at the party, and they let guests bring them home if they wanted. It was a sweet little surprise.

He went to his best friend Nathan's wedding "reception." He & his wife Katie were married back in June in the Bahamas, and their families held a reception for them this past Friday in Jacksonville. Because of a scheduling conflict, I did not get to go...(which we argued about, but came to the conclusion that it really wasn't anyone's fault...mainly because both of us were somewhat at fault.) I had purchased tickets for Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) Theatre's production of Steel Magnolias earlier last month, and Zach wasn't really sure of the date for Nathan's party. Therefore, neither of us was at fault...(that's what I keep telling myself.) I hated I didn't get to see them- especially Katie. I had only met her once before, when we invited them over for dinner one night last Summer. Zach impressed them with his steak and grilled portobello mushroom. (He also credits himself for Nathan's newfound love of mushrooms.) :)

Anyway, I went with my mom, her best friend Debbie, and my friend Brandy out to eat and to the play that night. It was AMAZING!! I added my name to their mailing list, so we will hopefully be attending many more awesome plays in the future. Plays aren't really Zach's thing (or most other guys', for that matter), so it will be a good girls' night out for us.

Zach had a great time catching up with high school friends at the party. On the bright side, we each had a really great time that night, so I guess that's all that matters. :)

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