Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cosmo's Summer Cut

Sadly, this is actually the first Summer we have had Cosmo's fur cut. I guess the reason behind this is that he always looks so handsome with longer fur, and he's never really gotten that hot outside in our yard...(mainly because he's either under the deck or sneaking inside the house.) :)

I called last week and made him an appointment at Pet Palace here in town. I had heard really good things about it, and they were all apparently correct, because they couldn't take him for a full week. This Tuesday, Zach dropped him off and picked him up, and we were both really pleased with the result. I looked back in my camera to see if I had an older picture of him to show the difference. This was the best one I found, but it was taken last Fall. He still looked the same before the grooming, so you get the idea...



The After pics are a little grainy, but he was moving around a lot (as usual), and the lighting was bad. It may just be me, but he seems much more peppy since his little trim. When I got home yesterday afternoon, I came in the door and he came trotting toward me and jumped up on me a little. He usually just walks up to me and sits. Miss Daisy is even a little jealous of all the attention he's been getting. We're just happy that he'll be a little cooler now, especially when it gets into July and August.

Zach said it reminds him more of when he first got him when he was a little puppy. It does make him look a little younger. I do miss his pretty long fur, but it will grow back soon enough.

1 comment:

  1. Cosmo looks so, so cute, even though I loved his long, shiny black coat!
    Love you,
    Mom H


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