Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update- "Dramas, Weddings & Singing...Oh My!"

...I hope you enjoyed the "Wizard of Oz" reference. :)

Life has been really busy, but fun, lately. Last week, our childrens' choirs had our End of Year Program. We have been practicing for this for months now, so it was exciting to see it happen. My entire day last Sunday was consumed with the program. We started decorating the stage early that afternoon, and then had one last rehearsal. I only have a few pictures of the stage during set-up (which aren't very interesting), so I won't bore you with those! I am waiting on a few parents to post some pics of us on FB, then maybe I can share some with you.

This past weekend was Eleanor Isbell and Colby Mathews' wedding at our church. I was a part of our small choir ensemble, and we sang two songs during the wedding. They placed us in the balcony, and we received so many compliments on how that was set up. The church was absolutely beautiful and the music was incredible! Two of my favorite classicals were sung in the wedding...yes, sung live!...Ave Maria & Con te partir├▓ (this song was originally done by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman, and is featured in Blades of Glory.) The reception was held at The Building in historical downtown Fort Payne, and it was the perfect setting for their reception. Slade Carden did the food, and it brought back memories of our wedding reception. I have to say, though, that our selections were better. :)

A band played and sang most of the night. It was the same band that had played at my best friend Jennifer's wedding back last May. Eleanor & Colby attended that wedding, and picked them out from the start. They were really entertaining and kept the fun going. My mom & I were actually headed out the door to leave, but we stopped for a while to watch everyone having fun on the dance floor. As we were watching, Bob Johnston (our Sunday School teacher and a soloist at the wedding) told me that his daughter Abigail (also the flower girl in the wedding) wanted to dance with me. How could I resist?? Later, Rachel Walker joined us too. I had both cuties by the hand, twirling them around. We had a blast! :)

Next on the agenda is April Fox's wedding this coming Saturday. I can't wait to catch up with friends!...ah, I love weddings!! :)

Since the wedding began at 7:00, we got home rather late. I had to be at church early the next morning to rehearse, because our women's ensemble (Miranda Chambers, Susan Downey, LaRae Thurman & myself) were singing that morning. We rehearsed without a hitch, and the performance went well too, if I do say so myself. I enjoy singing with those ladies so much!!

On Monday, we got up early and I completed the final touches on the deep house cleaning I had started on Saturday. It always feels great to have the house completely clean after a long weekend. For a late lunch, we headed to Zach's dad's house on the lake. He fished a little and I enjoyed a little sun. The food was great- we had BBQ chicken, potatoes, green beans, and (my favorite!) corn on the cob. I had also made homemade ice cream earlier that day, so we enjoyed that for dessert. We found Pearl Harbor on one of the movie channels that afternoon, and watched most of it. It really made me stop and think what the day was all about. Anyone can enjoy a day with grilling out, laying out, and enjoying time with family, but it's always important to me to seek out the real meaning of the holiday.

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