Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Easter- He Is Risen!!

I know this post is incredibly late, but I can't skip over one of the most (if not the most) important holidays of the year! Also, Zach took some really good pics of us that I wanted to show off! Haha! I only included our one favorite though. The sun was so bright that day, it was difficult to get the lighting right in all of them.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend this year. Growing up, my family always took our Easter morning photos together, all dressed up in our new dresses and suits. I love continuing that tradition with our new little family now. :)

I was looking at some of our old photos on Facebook the other day and came across this picture we took last year of us on Easter Sunday. Can't believe it was taken a year ago!

On Friday night of that weekend, we had a fish fry with fish that my Papaw Hoyt had caught. On Saturday, I spent the morning cleaning inside while Zach worked outside in the yard. That night, we went to his dad's house to watch the Duke Final Four game (which they won, as well as the National Championship game! Go Duke!!) and had a yummy dinner of fried quail that he had hunted. It was something new for me, but I really liked it!

On Sunday, Easter morning, we went to Sunday School and enjoyed a beautiful, worshipful church service. The music was awesome!! We sang the Hallelujah Chorus (with trumpet and tympani included) and it was so moving! After that, we headed home and took our traditional Easter photos. I was so excited that I got to wear my new dress, which I'm in love with (Thanks, Mom!!) Easter Sunday has always held a special place in my heart, as it should for everyone, but this year was especially celebratory because of our participation in Lent. We had both given up soft drinks of all kinds, so needless to say, we really enjoyed our Coke with lunch that day! Participating in Lent really made us realize how unimportant so many things are in life. There are so many little pleasures that we can easily do without.

I enjoyed the Easter afternoon by laying out on our deck and soaking up the sun. We ended the day by doing a little yardwork- we cleaned out our entire bigger back island in the front yard. I don't think it had been weeded in years, so it took us a while, but we did it! I told Zach we should have taken before & after photos, because it looks ten times better.

More & more plants in our yard have started blooming, especially our azaleas and dogwoods, so he ventured out with his camera one day last week and took some great photos. I will post those soon!

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  1. I love the second photo of you both. I plan to get over there soon and am anxious to see the yard.
    Mom H


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