Thursday, April 22, 2010

A-Day 2010!

Roll Tide Roll!!! I was so excited to go to A-Day this year, especially since I had not been in a few years. Zach wasn't really crazy about the idea, plus he had Pancake Day for Kiwanis Club that morning, so he was perfectly content to skip the trip and stay at home that day. Pancake Day was extremely successful this year, with almost 1,000 people coming out to enjoy the pancakes. He manned the main griddle for the second year in a row. :) That afternoon, he bought some flowers for our yard and planted while I was gone, so he was happy.

I went with my mom and two other friends to the game. Dad also went, but he traveled with a group of guys. We were very fortunate in that one of our friends that went with us, Carolyn, is best friends with Kay Norris, the house mother of a fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha.

Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, with the sweetest house mother EVER!

She invited us to the house to eat lunch with them and relax before the game. We had a yummy lunch of fried chicken, veggies and homemade dessert. We were extremely full from lunch, so we sat out on their back deck and enjoyed the sun for a while before heading to the game.

This is the first room when you enter Pi Kappa Alpha. I just loved the crimson!

Kay let us hang out in her apartment in the house. I know this is a little random, but I just loved her little bathroom, so I snuck in a couple of pictures. Weird, I know, but I thought it was so stinking cute with the colors and all the monogramming!

We only stayed at the game through the first quarter and part of the second, then we decided we had endured enough sun. I used the word "endured," because that's exactly what it felt like. It was a gorgeous day, but so hot outside! We ventured back to the frat house for a little while longer, then headed to dinner. We had such a great time, with it being just us girls for the day.

Mom's & my houndstooth Yellowboxes!

Lots of people! I think the estimated count was 92,000!

The one in the blue jacket on the field is Saban!

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