Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zach's Birthday Weekend!!

This past weekend, we celebrated Zach's 26th birthday. On Friday night, we went out to dinner with Gordon. We went to Outback and it was yummy!! After dinner, we went to his house and watched some of the March Madness games...perfect night for the guys. On Saturday, we spent the day in Chattanooga with Zach's mom. After a little successful shopping (I purchased my very own copy of New Moon!), we watched Alice in Wonderland, Zach's choice. I wasn't really pumped up to see it, but it turned out to be pretty good. I had just had girls' night at the movies on Thursday to see Remember Me, and I wanted him to get to see what he wanted for his birthday. (Sidenote: I highly recommend watching Remember Me- a really good love story with so much meaning that really stuck with me...and Robert Pattinson as a bonus!) :)

Life has been fairly busy lately, so not many posts have been made. Zach is still very busy with work- I'm so proud of him! Work has really picked up for me also. In addition to a higher number of new quotes coming in, we had a hail storm in Rainsville two weeks ago. We scheduled two drive-ins at our office on two days this past week, so we have had so many people in and around the office. Hectic week, but I love it!

Aside from work, church has been keeping me busy lately! Our women's ensemble is hoping to begin rehearsing a new song in the next couple of weeks. Also, BIGGER NEWS: I have been asked to sing in a small choir in Eleanor Isbell's wedding!! I just feel so honored to have been asked to be a part of the music in her wedding. Rehearsal for that will start soon also, so I have a many busy weeks filled with beautiful music coming up!

Our kids' choirs have begun rehearsals for our Easter/125th Anniversary program coming up in May, so all my Sunday afternoons are filled with practices for that. I love it though!! I love getting to work with our wonderful children's groups.

That pretty much sums up our life lately. Our weeknights have been filled with going to the rec center (trying to faithfully go 3 nights a week) and catching up on 24. We're watching the current season, and we're also taking advantage of our Netflix account (after neglecting it for a few months) and plan to go through all seasons eventually. We're on Season 2 right now, and we're hooked. Nothing like a healthy dose of Jack Bauer to end the day. :)

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