Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Presents...to Ourselves!

Zach & I decided early on what we wanted to spend some of our Christmas money on. As we did last year, we each had our own money divided out- we spent some, we saved some. Zach had been wanting a new camera for a while, so he bought himself the Nikon D5000 which is AWESOME!! He's been so cute lately, always looking for places to take great shots. He spent three days over New Year's weekend, at different times going to local places to take some pictures. He's so excited about using his new camera, and I'm so happy for him! It's fun to watch him so excited about his new toy and so proud of his great pictures. They really are amazing...even though I'm a little biased. I posted a few of our favorites as proof! :)

The Falls at Little River Canyon

A color view of The Falls at Little River Canyon

Local railroad tracks- this is my favorite! It's going up on the wall! :)

Old water tower in downtown FP

The "lunar halo" Zach spotted one night

I had bought a new Fossil watch for myself earlier last week. I had wanted it for a while- especially after I saw Sandra Bullock wear one like it in "The Blind Side." Hers was a Chanel I believe, but since I didn't want to take out a loan at the bank for a casual watch, I just went the cheaper route with the Fossil. :)

I had also been wanting some type of furniture to place in front of our bed for our extra throw pillows. At first, I had in mind to get a rolled-arm bench, but when we made a trip to Akins Furniture this weekend, I changed my mind. Zach had mentioned earlier about getting an ottoman, possibly leather, with bonus storage space. It sounded great to me, as long as the price was right. At the store, we found EXACTLY what he had described for a good price, and I fell in love! We bought it that day & he couldn't move it in the house fast enough. He had just put it in place in front of our bed, and I had already started putting my little decorative pillows on it. Zach had the bright idea to use one side as a seat and take advantage of the tray table on the other side. (He really has a good eye for design--this helps well with the photos he's taken too, as seen in the ones I posted!)

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  1. Yes, I must say my little boy is quite good at his new hobby...the photos are of excellent quality and his subject matter and composition very creative.
    Love you,


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