Monday, February 16, 2009

Update...Over a Month Overdue!

Life has been busy for us lately. Work, for both of us, has picked up- which is such a blessing these days!! We haven't had much time for anything but work, cleaning the house/laundry, rec center and sleep. Since it's been over a month since my last post, I thought I would post a quick update on what all has been going on in our interesting married life!

We have faithfully started back to the rec center and are both loving it! We had stopped going a few months before the wedding because planning took up all of our time. Since we're going to Disney next month, we decided we should be in shape or we'll be exhausted after the first day! Zach has also started developing an island in our backyard and has already planted bulbs to bloom in the spring. He loves yard work and I can't wait to see how beautifully it turns out. We really needed something to brighten up our dirt and moss-covered backyard, better known as Cosmo's playground.

Church has been great also! We love getting more and more involved with all the things that are happening there. Choir is wonderful, and I am excited about getting to sing in a small ensemble in a few weeks.

I am excited about being Jennifer's Matron of Honor in May! I am hoping to help her with her planning and decorations, which will be so fun! It's fun to help plan without the stress of it being your own wedding! I already have my dress and (shocker!) I have to have it taken up a bit. I'll be helping host two of her showers also. I love weddings!!

After 5 months, I have FINALLY printed out our honeymoon pictures and took the time to organize them and place them in an album. We looked through the album last night and it just made us sad. We want to go back NOW! I don't think we even realized how incredibly beautiful St. Thomas was while we were there! I'm so glad we'll have the pictures from now on to remember it by and enjoy!

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