Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't Mess With Us...

*Disclaimer: Not sure how you all feel about guns & gun control, but it has definitely been a hot-button issue lately, and one that's hard to ignore. I only know that Zach & I want to be prepared. We want to know that if anything (God forbid) should ever happen to us, or if we are ever in the terrible situation where we would have to defend ourselves, our future children, our doggies, or our home, we want & need to be ready. We also need to have some basic knowledge of using a weapon, if the need should ever arise.

Thus, he took me shooting for target practice over the Super Bowl weekend.

I had only shot a shotgun a couple of times with my granddad when I was younger, so this was the first time in a while I had been. And, I'll be honest with you- it was fun!

I posted these on FB that weekend, and couldn't believe the response that we got. I look a little out of my element here (because I was), so I guess that's why it caught everyone's attention.

Now, I cannot tell you the details of the guns we shot. Ask Zach if you want to know- he can rattle off all the details. I just know they are powerful, and I now feel comfortable with them. He has since made another purchase, an AR, and will be selling the bigger gun shown below, if anyone happens to be interested.

With this pistol, Zach stressed to me how it was more difficult to aim than the bigger gun shown above. I honestly took my first shot with the pistol, and bam!, hit the target the first time.
I felt like Jack Bauer. :)

Hope you enjoyed those... I was a little nervous about the whole thing when we first got to the property to shoot, but I ended up enjoying myself. I'm glad Zach cares enough to take the time to practice with me. Lord knows, he was probably a lot more nervous about it than I was!

Now, I can guarantee that with my next post, I'll be back to my girly-girl self, posting cutesy projects or recipes as usual. It's just nice to do a little something out of the norm for a change. :)

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