Friday, November 16, 2012

Chalkboard Minis

I'm very excited to share this quick little project with you. This only took me a few hours to complete, not including drying times in between. The idea for this project all started when I found these tiny little silver trays at the thrift store about a month ago...

They only had four, so I got them all. 25 cents a piece. :)

I had repurposed a larger version of these in this post months ago, and I've used the chalkboard paint at other times, like in my mailbox revamp. So, this would be something different. Basically, just a smaller version of my larger chalkboard tray.

I painted each one with two coats of spray paint, all different colors. I just used simple spray paints that I already had-
yellow, red, white & gold.

I then sand-papered each surface to distress the edges & smoothe out the middles to prep for chalkboard paint. I think I painted about 3 coats of the chalkboard paint on each, and they were done! Not much money invested at all, and not much time either.
Love these kinds of projects!

Some pics of the finished chalkboard minis...

So, a Before & After, because who doesn't love a good
Before & After shot?...



I (think I) am planning on selling these little cuties. My family is planning a big estate & yard sale, slated for this next Spring, and I may debut some of my creations there to sell. Who knows if that will work out or not? I just feel like I'm creating all of these little projects, then they have nowhere to go. I am running out of room, both in our house & in my crafting area in the basement, so I need to get rid of some clutter. If any "big developments" on this front happen anytime soon, I'll let you know. It's just an idea for now. :)

As I said in my last post, if I don't post before then, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Black Friday!! I am so, so ready for those two days! I love everything about them- the family time, the food, the cooking, the clean house (since company is coming), the laughter... then the little rest & lots of shopping on Friday, getting & putting up our tree, and all the Christmas decor being brought up from the basement to brighten up our house.

I am so very thankful this year. Each year, we have more than the last. We are blessed more & more every day, and never want for a thing. God is so good to us. We have all of our family members together once again for Thanksgiving, and that's one of the biggest blessings. Zach's dad is also coming to Thanksgiving dinner at his mom's, so his family will all be together. I keep reminding him how blessed he is for that. You never know which Thanksgiving will be your last, or how different it will be from year to year. Love your loved ones while you have them- I don't know how much I can preach that.

Always remember, there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.


  1. I love how you painted them different colors before adding the chalkboard paint. They're all so cheery! :D

  2. Great idea, I even like them painted without the chalkboard paint. Visiting from Transformation Thursdays.


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