Monday, October 24, 2011

Take A Picture-- They're Actually Being Sweet!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We LOVED our Alabama win, and are anxiously looking forward to our game in two weeks. We'll definitely enjoy that week off this Saturday too! Oh, and I will do a project post this week. I have one completed-
it's just waiting to be hung up.

So, I started this post a couple of weeks back, and I finally remembered to remind Zach to send me the pics he took. 
We got a chance to snap a few quick pictures of our two babies- actually being sweet, actually being calm & behaving- together. :)

I was on my armrest pillow with a blanket one night (after a full night of Zumba, vacuuming the entire house & folding/hanging up clothes, though), cuddling with Daisy girl, and Cosmo decides to join us.

I happened to look over at them at one point, and see this...

Their sweet little paws together! All together now..."Awww!"

 It was so cute, his big paw over her little paw.
He's her little protector. :)

 This was almost at the point where they were getting tired of all the picture snapping. Zach was sitting in his recliner,
snapping them with his phone too.

 (Sorry, Zach, for the leg shot in this one.) :)

...And, it's over. I guess their looks in the last one are telling me to give it a rest. Oh well, it was adorable while it lasted.

Here's a few more randoms of them, just because I love these. (And to show I'm not vain, I won't cut myself out of
the last two) :) ...

I love my little cuddle bugs. :)

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  1. so, so sweet...they are so cute together...
    love you,


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