Thursday, March 3, 2011


Let me start by apologizing to Zach, because I'm sure he'll be embarrassed when he reads this post. He's already harrassed me about this, so I guess this will just make it worse. I told him he won't be laughing and making fun when I'm toned up from doing these exercises. We'll see... :)

I have recently started going to Zumba "classes" at my mom's church. That sentence sounds very strange, I know. Let me explain...My mom's church, Second Baptist, has a big group of women who were interested in this, so they bought the DVD and are now getting together two nights a week to workout. I love it because it's such an informal group, there are no instructors, and we just follow along with the videos. This may also mean that we may be doing some of the moves totally wrong, but hey, if it works, it works!

The main reason I love it is that it's so much stinkin' fun!! There is just something about looking around the room during some of the dances, and seeing my sweet momma & her best friend Carol shaking their "groove thang!" Haha! We laugh every time we look at each other, which is great for us right now. There are a lot of different dances that we have been running through. I love most of the movements to them. Some might be considered a little risque (especially while doing them in the fellowship hall of a church- awkward!), but it really gives you an effective workout. I have been going for two weeks now, and I can already tell a difference. When I wake up the next morning, I can feel pain from muscles I didn't even realize I had.

It's quite humorous just to watch the DVD. There are a lot of different music styles that we dance to, mainly Latino music. It reminds me of Don Chico's, which is really what I need when I'm trying to exercise. There are so many cutesy little tiny things doing the movements with their toned abs out for the whole world to see, which gives us even more motivation to keep moving through the steps. Haha!

I'm hoping we can keep up our little routine of going every week, twice a week. I can see that my house is already showing signs of me not being there three nights every week- Tuesday & Thursday nights are Zumba, and Wednesday nights are choir rehearsal- but, I think it's a great thing for myself & Mom. We're making ourselves healthier & happier, and laughing & having a great time while doing it. What more could you ask for??
There will always be time to clean the house on the weekends. I do miss getting to see Zach more on those nights, but he knows this is good for me. He's been glued to the TV watching Duke basketball anyway, so it evens out. With March Madness coming up, I may never get to talk to him during the week. :)
Everything else is going well. Life is moving right along. It is very different without Dad here. He was always such a constant, quiet presence in our lives, and now he's not here. I miss him, but I know we wouldn't bring him back now if we could. I have found comfort in so many friends that have come to me lately and let me know they share in our grief, and many that know exactly what we're going through right now.

Speaking of shared grief, we have started practicing new songs in choir. There is a new one that Roger selected entitled Lord of the Small. Wow. This song has been somewhat of a challenge to get through for me and some others in choir who have lost someone so close to them. We cry every time we sing it, without fail. I will post the lyrics to the song later on, just because I don't really feel like reading them today. I promise I will share them soon.

So, to leave you on a happy note...I always laugh when I read my best friend Sheena's blog, mainly because of the funny pictures she likes to include in her posts. So, I'm following suit today, just because everyone needs a laugh. To keep with the "Zumba" theme of this post, here's a little jewel I found on Google image search. Enjoy!...and just so you know, this is NOT what we look like when we're "Zumba-ing." We don't get that into it. Guess we're just not good enough yet. :)

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