Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Cancer in High Heels"

First of all, BIG NEWS: My Aunt Renea has been told by her doctor that she is now CANCER-FREE!! She just recently had a bone marrow biopsy and is still waiting out the results on it, but he has told her she is officially in remission. Bless her heart and praise the Lord!!

On that same note, I came across this blog today. It was being followed by a friend, and now I'm following. It's a blog that's too good not to follow! The site is: She titled the blog "Cancer in High Heels"- love it! She has just recently finished her last round of chemo pills and is in remission. I have been looking through her posts today, in between doing work, and I'm hooked. She's such an inspiring and entertaining writer, and I am loving her pics...especially the one at the heading of her blog of her with Tim Tebow. As much as I've already read today, she seems to be a big Tebow fan. Who can blame the girl?? It's not every day you have an incredibly talented college athlete who credits all he has to God. Heck, it's not every day you find a good, Christian man period. I thank God every day for mine!!

I hope you have the time to check out her blog. If nothing else, you'll get laughs out of some of her pics. I hope everyone is having a great week, and if not- hang in there, it's almost over! :) This weekend is Zach's birthday weekend, so it's bound to be a good one! He'll be 27! Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Everything else is going well. Mom & I went out with two of her friends (from elementary/high school days), Kathy & T.C., to Chattanooga to eat at Bonefish Grill on Tuesday of this week. We left work a little early (yay!), all piled up in the car and headed there. Two orders of Bang Bang shrimp (for the four of us to share), bread w/ olive oil, a pomegranate martini, a plate full of fish and crab and mashed potatoes, an a la mode brownie (to share), and a cup of yummy coffee later, and we were stuffed! I told Mom I had not eaten that much, or laughed that hard in a long time. We had such a great time catching up with them and laughing. I love to listen to them share stories! Makes me look forward to the days of doing this with my girlfriends on throughout the years.

Choir is chugging right along. I usually get home around 9:00 or later on Wednesday nights, which is not my favorite, but we get a lot of rehearsing done, that's for sure! I am scheduled to sing in trios on April 3rd and April 17th...thank you, God, for not letting me be put down to sing on Dad's birthday (April 10th). I don't remember if I mentioned that in a previous post or not, but I just didn't really want to sing on that day. I do have a baby shower I am helping to host that day though, so it will be a happy day! :)

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  1. I can't wait until we're older too (or well, you know what I mean haha) for us to catch on the good ol' days :) Love you and miss you!!!


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