Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday, Mamaw Ruth!!

We had a 90th Birthday party for my grandmother Ruth on September 26th at her church. (I hate that the post is so late, but Zach's been working on editing the photos. As wonderfully as they turned out, it was worth the wait!) I cannot tell you how happy I was about the turnout- there were so many family and friends there!! The decorations, food, attendance-- everything was perfect! Mom & I had only been planning this for about a month. We gathered all the decorations, pictures and most of the food ourselves in that short amount of time, but every bit of it was worth it.

My sweet husband was the photographer, and I am so proud of the great job he did. He shot so many unique angles and different takes on each detail. He truly has a gift for this sort of thing. He says his specialty is nature photographs, and that's what he loves most, but these are terrific! I'm hoping he'll want to practice more "people" photos on our little family soon. Christmas time is quickly approaching, you know, so I've had ideas for Christmas card pics on the brain!

We are planning on compiling an album of these to give to her for Christmas. I know she would much rather have that than something for her house or any other gift without meaning. Hope you enjoy the photos- I posted many, because it was too hard to choose my favorites!

Her beautiful (and yummy) cake. Below are shots of the cupcakes and the fruit. 

The fam :)

The beautiful arrangement Mrs. Carolyn did for Mamaw

Me, Mrs. Sue & Dr. Pat, my pastor- I just love them!

This is Mamaw Ruth's favorite picture of her & my granddad. It's my favorite too. It was taken not too long before he passed away.

The photo table, complete with both my & my mom's wedding albums

Close-up of the pictures of me & Jon... I love the one of us in our matching shirts when we were little. :)

  The sign at the entrance of her church

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