Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Vice-President of Kiwanis Club

This Tuesday night was the Kiwanis Club Banquet, and Zach was inducted as the new Vice-President for the upcoming year! So, this post is dedicated to my sweetie, even though I didn't even get a picture of him that night. I don't think he was wanting anymore pictures taken, since they took so many for the newspaper. I am so proud of him for being a part of a great group, and being involved in all their projects. I am really excited about the upcoming year for him, and the next two years to come, since he will be President Elect the next year, then President the following year.

And, since I hate making posts with all text and no photos, I thought I would include this jewel. It's a picture of the bouquet I won as a door prize. I was the first winner, so that's always exciting! These were the table arrangements for the night, so a few of us got to take one home. I loved the arrangements, and I'm even more happy about getting to keep the planter that it's in. I had never seen a flower like the bright blue in the middle, but it's gorgeous how it makes the other flowers "pop."  

Sorry about the brightness of the white flowers with the flash. Zach's camera is a gagillion times better than mine, but I'm not going to drag it out for a nit-picky photo like this one. :)

Anyways, it's been a busy week here. The fair is in town (woo-hoo), but we weren't really planning on going. I was talking to my friend Elizabeth (Carr) about it yesterday though, and how we had a great time when we went together last year (it was me, Zach, Elizabeth & Alan...I think we make a great double-date group!) :) She actually seemed interested in the idea of making a second annual visit this year, so we may do that.

On Monday, we had a "rest night," or well, I had a "rest night." I basically hit the couch with my blanket as soon as I came home & changed clothes, and didn't leave the couch until bedtime. I had had a sinus headache that day, so I wanted to med-up and rest before it got the best of me. (Speaking of, I realized the other day that it's almost October, meaning it's been almost a full year since Zach & I were "near death" with pneumonia. Crazy how time has flown!) Then, on Tuesday, we had the banquet. We made some friends at our table, so that was fun too. Wednesday was dinner at Mom & Dad's for Mamaw Ruth's birthday (Big 9-0...which I promise I'm going to post photos of her shindig soon), then choir practice that night.

At choir rehearsal, our director Roger called me to the "front of the class." He asked me very nicely about being in a trio with him & Miranda. I atleast told him I would consider it, so he's making me a CD with the music. We'll see...I'm not really jumping to get back on the stage, especially in a small group where there are only two female voices, and one of them is mine! But, we'll see... :)

Today is Thursday, and tonight I'm planning on going to the movies with friends. I always enjoy doing that atleast once a month. You've got to have a girls' night every now & then. Tomorrow night is our possible trip to the fair, so all-in-all it's been a busy week with something to do every night. I love weeks like this though! Hope everyone is having a good one!...and Roll Tide this weekend!!

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  1. I, too, am very proud of Zach and his new position. I would love to see some photos :-). I cannot wait to see you both next weekend!
    Love you,
    Mom H


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