Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brittany & Joey's Wedding

This past Saturday, we attended a wedding for the second weekend in a row. We watched (most of) the Alabama game at the house, then had to leave for the wedding...to Zach, that was torture. It turned out well, humorously enough, because we arrived at the parking site and heard radios everywhere tuned in to the game. We were taken to the wedding site, the Reed's back yard, on golf carts, and were seated. It was fairly informal, because there were no ushers to take us to our seats and there were no programs. When we were seated, most everyone around us were already talking about the game. Zach whipped out the iPhone soon enough to get an update on the score. (This does sound a little bad, but everyone around us was curious about how the game was going. My best friend Sheena sat with us, and she was the most curious I think. She had just had to leave Tuscaloosa earlier that morning, and was so sad to miss the game.) Zach updated everyone around us while he periodically checked his phone. After the final score update (and after everyone's nerves were shot), Sheena let out a big "Roll Tide!" It was a fun way to pass the time before the wedding started, anyway.

The wedding, and bride, were absolutely beautiful! It was held in her family's back yard, and Mary, the bride's mother, did most of the decorations herself. There was a chandelier hanging from one of the trees, lights everywhere, and gorgeous table decorations. Like most the of the other weddings we've attended lately, we had another mini-class reunion there. One of our friends, Mattea (who is pregnant with a little boy), traveled all the way from North Carolina with her husband and little girl, Addison. Megan, Heather and April were also there, and we all took some pictures together. We finally were able to drag the beautiful bride away for a few pics. The night ended with her dad singing some Lynyrd Skynyrd songs with the band, so that was fun! :) We had a great time!

Me & my sweetie! Don't we look so happy? And isn't he so handsome?? :)

The girls with the beautiful bride! It was still a little humid from the rain that morning, but our hair held up pretty nicely.

The gang, before we could locate the bride for a pic.

April, me & Sheena...Sheena calls this one, "Rockin' It In Our Black Dresses." :)

I have a few other photos that Heather took, and when she sends them to me, I will try to post some. I know she took one of me & Britt, so I'll post it soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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