Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend! Zach was absent for some of it, but he was able to come home earlier than he thought on Sunday! He spent Saturday with friends fishing on the lake, then stayed overnight in a Mentone cabin with the guys for a bachelor get-away. (Believe me, we have made countless jokes about this...four guys, one cabin in Mentone, one hot tub)... His best friend Nathan is getting married next month, so they wanted one last "hoorah" before the big day. Unfortunately, the wedding is taking place in the Bahamas, so we won't be able to make that one...(emphasize the word "unfortunately").

I spent all day Saturday with Mom & Mamaw Helen, shopping and eating--what we do best! :) I bought an incredibly cute pair of shoes that I had had my eye on for a while (more Yellowboxes, but dressy wedges this time.) After we got home, I went out to dinner with Mom & Dad at Don Chico's, then Mom came over to my house for a movie. We watched "The Holiday," one of our absolute favorites. I thought about my mother-in-law while watching it, because she loves it too! I'll have to make plans to watch it with her sometime soon! :)

On Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home from Sunday School and church to find Zach at home. He was actually getting out of his car when I pulled into the garage, so we made it home at about the same time. He wasn't planning on being home for most of the day Sunday & when he got home he was exhausted, so we had actually planned to see his Mom this week. We are heading to Chattanooga tomorrow after work to take her out to dinner and give her her gift!

We had planned lunch at my house Sunday. Both Mom & Mamaw offered to have it at their houses, but I was not going to make them clean and wash dishes that day. So, I cleaned and washed dishes. It was all worth it, because we had a great time! We had ordered barbeque and potato salad from Jim's, then Mom fixed her really good baked beans, and Mamaw Helen brought the slaw, chips, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. We had a great time catching up with each other and exchanging gifts.

I meant to take pictures during the day (as always), but was really too busy to think about it. I did snap this one, though, before everyone got to our house. This is Daisy wearing her "pearl" and rhinestone necklace that I got her. I was sure she wanted to show it off to our company, so I put it on her. Sad, I know. :)

...Surprisingly, Zach didn't try to take it off of her. He's getting better. :)

Zach & I had extra gifts to give out that day too. We gave Jonathan his graduation gift, and his girlfriend Amanda her birthday gift. Jonathan graduated from college this past Friday, so we're all excited about that! The family traveled to Nashville for the ceremony on Friday. I stayed here, since I have to take Mom's place when she's away. *Sidenote: I love working with my mom, but it's times like these when it comes as a disadvantage. Also, Zach wasn't able to leave work, and I didn't want to drive all the way myself, so it worked better for us to stay home. They all took plenty of pics though, so I'll hopefully have some to post soon!

In other areas, life is great right now! We're both into our routine of work during the day, then watching 24 at night. We're really enjoying using our Netflix to watch the previous seasons of 24. It's a lot better than most of the things currently on TV, so we enjoy it. Zach's also still working in the yard every chance he gets. In addition to the new azaleas he has planted, he has also recently planted new impatiens and petunias, and has sewn new grass seed in the front yard. It makes me happy to see him enjoying working in our yard.

We have also been very involved in church lately. Last weekend, our church celebrated its 125th Anniversary. We attended the banquet last Saturday night with some great friends. After that, we had a get-together at our friends David & Amy's house. We love getting to do that every now & then. It's nice to have friends right up the road from us! I've also enjoyed having a two-week break from children's choir practice these past two weeks. Next Sunday, we'll resume practice, since we have our End of Year program on the 23rd! I'm really looking forward to seeing all of our hard work pay off!

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  1. We had a great weekend together, just us girls. Thanks so much for a wonderful Mother's Day sweetie. I couldn't ask for a better daughter (not to mention son-in-law) you two are the best . Love you both . MOM


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