Friday, May 14, 2010

CW End of Year Party

Sue Locklear & Amy Kinsley cleaning up!
Guess I was just too focused, because I missed the photo op!

Jeannie Woods & Monica Patton...and me, working in the background.
We all love Monica's cute little pregnant belly!

Nakisha Wallace & Dana McCutcheon
Dana fixed the food that night & it was WONDERFUL, as always!

Cindy Lowe & Myla Walworth
Cindy was the hostess, and her house is gorgeous! I picked up a few decorating tips from her. :)

Miranda Chambers & Susan Downey
Two of my Women's Ensemble buddies. I love singing with these ladies!!

Tammy Story & Amber McPherson

I rode with Amy to our Christian Women party Monday night, since it was our last one until the Fall. We had a great dinner and planned so many new things for the rest of this year. I am so excited to be a part of such a large, strong group of women in our church. We're so very thankful to be a part of such a wonderful church.

I included a few pics that were taken at the party. We're going to start a bulletin board at church for our group, so that we can show off what we've been up to.

We are planning our next Winter Retreat, set for Jan. 7th-9th again. This time is better than last year though, since I'll be coming home on my birthday. Last year was a little sad being away from everyone on my special day. All my sweet friends there still made it a great day though. We're going to The Summit again, so we know it will be fabulous!! Speaking of The Summit, Zach & I were invited to attend the Youth/Children's Choir Leaders' Dinner there next Friday night. We're excited about that!

Our Christian Women group is also planning a Girls' Day Out for the month of June, and a very important day in July. We are joining up with the Methodist church for a drive to help kids in need get school supplies. There are so many teachers in our group who are well aware of the many needs kids have in our schools. I, as well as so many others, am planning to volunteer that day at our booth. We have already had a local dentist, Fort Payne clubs, and many investors signing up to help. Let me know if you're interested!! We're also wanting to start up a Secret Sister program. I had done this before at our previous church and loved it! Who doesn't like getting random gifts and cards of encouragement from a friend?!

As I've said countless times before, I can't get enough of choir too! We began rehearsal this Wednesday for Eleanor Isbell's wedding. We have an ensemble of about 12 of us from the choir who are singing as a small choir in her wedding. We're singing two songs, and just looked them over for the first time last night. The wedding is on May 29th, so we need to get a move on!!

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