Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zach's Birthday

Last Friday, March 20th, was Zach's birthday! We celebrated the day by working first (just like we celebrated mine!), then we were taken to dinner by Zach's dad and Grandma. After a stop at Home Depot to buy a new lawn mower (good birthday present, right?), we went to one of Zach's favorites, Outback. We had a great time spending time with them!

Saturday morning, I went to the open house for Tiger Lily, Slade Carden's new store. (Slade was the caterer at our wedding.) After that, I went with my mom and grandmother to shop at the outlets in Boaz. On Saturday night, we headed to Chattanooga and had dinner with Zach's mom, sister, brother-in-law and their daughter Ella.

Unfortunately, Duke played that night, so Zach was glued to the TV after we finished our dinner and cake. To his dismay, another game was shown instead of Duke, so he had to listen to their game on his phone. Obviously, his mother and I were talking too loudly, so he went to her bedroom and shut the door to listen to the game. We enjoyed our time getting to talk and catch up though!

On Sunday morning, our ensemble (finally!) got to sing our song we have been practicing for three months. It turned out beautifully and I loved getting to be a part of it! That night at church, Zach was asked to talk about the new church website he's creating. He, of course, did a great job, and everyone's really looking forward to enjoying it!

...We're going to post our Disney pics soon! I have uploaded them to Facebook, but haven't found the time to get them on here yet!

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